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Different Jane - "Atom Bomb"

Welcoming Different Jane with "Atom Bomb". Different Jane, newly formed in 2021, is a no frills American rock n roll band from Norman, Oklahoma. The artist tells us "I wrote this song about a girl I know who despite being a seemingly perfect person in every aspect, for some reason she always ended up with the shit end of the stick. Some was bad luck other times were self sabotage. " We think that its deep and simply has meaning. The artist absolutely doesnt hold back here and simply knocks it out of the park, within the first listen you simply feel submerjed into the artist world. Different Jane really just paints a picture of the young woman that they are longing for, almost like it was ourselves that have missed out on lost love. The color is simply off the charts, and this is something to really make you feel something. Listen below for yourself to see what we mean.


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