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Die, Miami, Die! - "Palms and Sunsets and Highway and 1984 Ocean Poolside Pool Lights '87..."

Outstanding artist Die, Miami, Die! is a synthwave/chillwave/retrowave producer, located in Miami, Florida. For over a decade, he's produced electronic music and continues to compose electronic/hip hop/orchestral professionally for a Fortune 500 client. Producer by day and producer by night, his passion for creatively conjuring unique sounds that fortify a solid 4/4 beat has only strengthened in the past few years. A prolific composer, he's managed to sneak in genre-bending sounds to create an entirely new monster: Die, Miami, Die! "I don't hate Miami at all; I love it. Die, Miami, Die! just sounds cool," claims one witness who overheard him talking, but does he really? He lives there, sure, but his Spanish is abysmal, and he relocated there from...New Jersey... At any rate, he thinks he captured a reminiscent, quasi-nostalgic feeling of a retro Miami and bundled it with today's modern sound. Is he right? Did this mad scientist of sine waves really crack the code to make Zoomers and Millennials crave a time in Miami before they were even born? Your ears will decide. With the release of his newest single "Palms and Sunsets and Highway and 1984 Ocean Poolside Pool Lights '87 and Whatever Else" he presents a sensational energy that will certainly grasp your attention. Beginning with nostalgic instrumentation leading onto continued dreamy sounds he completes the track entirely. Explaining the song a bit further it's about drawing on inspiration from the sounds of early-digital synthesizers as well as some more modern chillwave elements, the track floats through fuller and higher energy parts and contrasts with more sparse sections. To the production, this single will surely have you vibing and letting all your bad thoughts run free. Being just perfect for a drive during sunset or a day out on the beach. Go stream "Palms and Sunsets and Highway and 1984 Ocean Poolside Pool Lights '87 and Whatever Else"


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