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DiCE_NZ - "Runnin'"

DiCE, also known as DiCE_NZ, is a musical artist who has taken the New Zealand music scene by storm. Comprising DJ Dave Ti and a talented group of friends, DiCE has garnered attention through their remarkable edits and remixes of NZ heritage music. Their unique fusion of genres and collaborations with renowned artists like Fat Freddy's Drop and The Black Seeds have catapulted them into the spotlight, making them a force to be reckoned with in the industry. Originally hailing from the UK, DJ Dave Ti brings with him a wealth of experience and expertise gained from his early days of spinning vinyl records in the '90s. In 2005, he made the momentous decision to relocate to New Zealand, and since then, he has become an integral part of the vibrant music scene in his new hometown of Auckland. Every weekend, you can find DJ Dave Ti enchanting audiences with his infectious blend of Funk, Soul, Disco, and House music, setting dancefloors ablaze up and down the country. While DJ sets are a significant part of DiCE's repertoire, they are not limited to any particular genre. Drawing inspiration from a diverse musical history, DJ Dave Ti incorporates elements of UK Rave, Hardcore, Breakbeat, D&B, and Trance, as well as the timeless pillars of Soul, Funk, Disco, and House. This eclectic mix of influences gives DiCE's sound a distinctive character that is both nostalgic and fresh. One of DiCE's latest offerings is the exhilarating single "Runnin'." The track showcases the group's ability to infuse energy and dynamism into their music. In the creative process, DiCE took vocals from a live recording they were doing for Feshh and seamlessly merged them with an instrumental they had produced. The result was a vibrant and captivating piece that captures the essence of their musical style. With an increased tempo of 158 beats per minute, "Runnin'" encapsulates a sense of relentless momentum and drive. The lyrics echo this sentiment, with the repeated phrases "Can't stop runnin'... Can't stop now" acting as a powerful mantra of determination and perseverance. DiCE's music has garnered significant attention both locally and internationally. Their talent has been recognized by notable platforms such as BBC's Craig Charles Funk & Soul Show, MiSoul radio, GeorgeFM, BaseFM, The Project, and numerous other New Zealand stations and TV shows. Additionally, they have released music on esteemed labels like TooSlowToDisco, Audaz Records, Slightly Transformed, Electric Friends Music, and even on their own Hot Jandal Music label. The success and growing popularity of DiCE_NZ can be attributed to their ability to strike a delicate balance between honoring the rich musical heritage of New Zealand and infusing it with their own modern and captivating style. Through their edits, remixes, and original productions, they have managed to bridge the gap between generations, creating music that resonates with both seasoned music enthusiasts and younger audiences. As DiCE_NZ continues to evolve and explore new sonic territories, there's no doubt that their infectious beats and innovative approach to music will continue to captivate listeners around the world. With their unique blend of influences and unwavering passion for their craft, DiCE_NZ is a musical force to be reckoned with, and their journey is one that promises excitement, creativity, and an unwavering dedication to their art.


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