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Dezabel Introduces Herself With "Somebody" [80's sounding]

Dezabel's "Somebody" is a fresh love song that touts how an incomplete version becomes so clear with that special someone. Dezabel's quality voice is a mash up of H.E.R., Kehlani, and Rihanna. When you are on the way home from work and ready to unwind, "Somebody" will help set that mood. Call your love interest and just talk or invite to share an in-person moment. Let Dezabel's "Somebody" initiate the perfect day with your partner. The singer is very, very reminiscent to Rihanna in the best way tone wise. It has the modern vibe that all our ears are used to, but also the classic vintage 80's funk, synth vibe almost. This is definitely a voice to pay attention to, don't sleep. Listen now.



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