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DevereauxBizboz (feat. Baba Smiz & Full Stop Velvet)

Dropping like a neon-drenched bomb into the world of synthpop we think, Devereaux's latest single, "Bizboz" (feat. Baba Smiz & Full Stop Velvet), released by MMMMM, is a pulsating journey through the realms of nu-disco and indie pop, the beat is just sick we think. Energetic and infectious, this track is a sonic adventure reminiscent of the electronic prowess of Daft Punk, the eclectic vibes of Sofi Tukker, and the dance-floor magic of Duck Sauce. The vocals are something trippy as well and really gets you hooked.

The slapstastic bass in "Bizboz" echoes the spirit of bands like Justice we think indeed, creating a groove that's impossible to resist. Devereaux's musical journey is a fascinating one, starting with nicking tunes from the airwaves using a cassette, including the likes of Hazard by Richard Marx. His influences span a diverse range, from the grunge riffs of Plowed and Tourette's to the timeless Beat It, showcasing a musical palette that's as broad as it is eclectic. Listen below now!


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