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Destro - "In The Circle"

Destro's "In The Circle" takes listeners on a journey through a cyberpunk world filled with moody and energetic vibes. The wavecyberpunk and darksynthchillwave sounds create a unique atmosphere that is both romantic and mysterious.

The lyrics invite listeners to reflect on their own definition of peace, success, and victory, and whether those ideas align with those around them. The haunting vocals and pulsing beats blend together to create a sense of urgency and tension that builds throughout the track.

Destro's experience as a rave DJ shines through in the carefully crafted soundscapes and expertly mixed beats. He seamlessly blends elements of drum and bass and low end theory to create a distinct sound that is all his own.

In addition to his music production talents, Destro is also an accomplished film editor, graphic designer, and cinematographer. With a busy schedule of creating new music and visual art, fans can expect to see a lot of exciting new work from him in the near future.

"In The Circle" is a must-listen for fans of experimental electronic music, as well as anyone who enjoys a thought-provoking and engaging listening experience.


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