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Denae With Her Melancholy Track "Last Night"

Introducing upcoming artist Denae who's a Singer/Songwriter with her first solo release, “Last Night” which is a brutally honest yet hauntingly beautiful story of love and revenge. The release of the “Stripped” version offers a much more intimate take on the story. With minimal production and acoustic textures, this song takes on a different perspective offering the sadness that goes with betrayal and revenge. Denae has had considerable success in her other projects, Shui & Denae and Gioto, writing vocals for notable producers Mitis, Bronze Whale, Nurko and Covex, reaching over 4 Million Spotify streams cumulatively. Starting the track with a soothing beat leading onto her luscious and soft vocals she captures this track fully. With her added music video she takes this track to a such more sentimental side and captures her serenity to the fullest extent. To explain the track further it's about seeking revenge on someone who has hurt you, it's explores a dark stage of anger and betrayal and this track captures all those elements. The track would be perfect for a late night drive or just alone in your room wandering through your thoughts. To the production and the vocals this track is surly one to be played repeatedly. Go stream "Last Night" and check out her discography which is filled with amazing tracks.



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