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DemarcoTheMan - "POISONNPAPER"

Introducing DemarcoTheMan, a Las Vegas-based artist who's been shaping the hip-hop scene since he was 18. With a discography that's as diverse as it is extensive, he's back with his latest masterpiece, "POISONNPAPER." This track, primarily nestled comfortably in the realm of rap and lo-fi hip-hop, carries a distinctive BoomBap flavor, making it a must-listen for fans of Earl Sweatshirt, Isaiah Rashad, and MF DOOM.

The track oozes a chill, epic, and moody vibe, a signature style that DemarcoTheMan has refined over the years. This sonic journey began with his 5th studio album "Olst Eahd," a collaboration with UK creator WANDER, introducing us to the unique sounds of strange-pop. Their long-distance partnership blossomed into four albums from 2019 to 2021, each aging like fine wine, appealing to both new and seasoned fans. We think new and old fans alike will like this new single.

Now at 26, DemarcoTheMan continues to evolve, pushing the boundaries with WANDER in their 2023 project "CAUGHTHEHUSTLE." This 9-track album, a blend of mental and emotional narratives, showcases the ups and downs of long-term creative endeavors. It's a reflection of his journey, one that's seen him launch his own label "WeOccword" in 2017 and grow a unique discography that's stepping into 2024 with confidence and originality. We think that this single is a testament to DemarcoTheMan's artistic evolution and his ability to stay true to his roots while exploring new territories. The change in the feel and vibe around the one minute mark is a moment to watch out for, it's where the track shifts gears, taking you deeper into the artist's creative psyche. Listen now.


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