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deleteeglitch x Doof - "THETRUTHWILLPISSYOUOFF"

Tampa-based rapper Deleteeglitch delivers a sound like no others. With sporadic flows and witty lyricism that borders on introspective, his music fuses a devil-may-care attitude with a need to prove a position in the rap game. In his most recent project, Journey To The Center Of The Switch, Glitch delivers a look into his mind and speaks on his state over soulful production by regular collaborators like 98Tiki and El Jako. Full of budding potential, Deleteeglitch is a artist sure to stick on peoples' radars for the foreseeable future. In retrospect, the colaboration is amazingly fun and something that you can defintely put on at home and enjoy yourself to when you want to listen to straight bars. The track is very reminiscent to early Mac Miller in its at home style and coming up flavor. While there is more work that needs to be done we can clearly hear the efforts and aspirations from the musicians in collaboration, we think we should hear more from them.


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