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Deidra Chois Introducing Her Amazing Track "It Goes On"

Meet Deidra Chois, she is a Colombian-Canadian singer from Montreal with a background in jazz performance. With her debut single "Don't Worry", she brings a fresh jazz voice to the alternative Hip-Hop/RnB scene. While working on her craft she has released three tracks and there unique in their own way. Following the release of her newest single "It Goes On" She projects a very soothing track, perfect for any occasion. Starting the track with a Jazzy beat leading onto her soft and luscious vocals. To the production and the vocals she completes this track entirely. The track is about about a woman rebuilding herself after being shattered by an abusive relationship. The energy of the songs describes the process of her pushing forward and understanding that even with the pain suffered she can still get up and keep going. Life will go on and get better, so it is useless to stay stuck in the past. The song is also about empowering woman in pain and push them to break that last wall that stands between them and their happiness. It's a beautiful song that anyone could relate too, with it's smooth tunes it would be just right for a sunset at the beach. Go stream "It Goes On" and check out her discography which is filled with lovely tracks.



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