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dee holt - "Better"

Montreal's Alt-Pop Singer, Dee Holt, Releases New Track and Video "Better"

Montreal's alt-pop singer, Dee Holt, has made an explosive entrance into the music scene this year, releasing her latest track and video, "Better." The track, which is accompanied by a sultry and mysterious guitar riff, is centered around self-sabotage, relationships, and low self-esteem. "Better" is a brooding and captivating song that highlights Dee's distinctive vocal range and her ability to express her thoughts and emotions through music. It's a song that will resonate with many of her listeners, capturing a mood and atmosphere that sets her apart from her contemporaries.

Dee Holt's music career began with performing for family gatherings, and she never thought about making a career out of it. However, after forming a creative bond with local producer Benjamin Nadeau, her first two singles landed on Spotify's LOREM playlist, and the momentum continued. In 2022, she released her debut EP, "When I Close My Eyes," which garnered millions of streams, rave reviews, and a Spotify billboard in downtown Toronto. The EP is an exciting and promising release from an artist who is set to make a mark in the industry.

"Better" serves as a follow-up to her previous release, "Sober," signaling more music on the horizon from the rising star. The song has been accompanied by a video, which adds another dimension to the track, showcasing Dee's captivating and magnetic persona. Her visual approach is consistent with her music, which is rooted in authenticity and honesty, making her an artist to watch in 2023.

Dee's music has already received critical acclaim, with Billboard praising her "confidence" and "crisp vocals," while TeenVogue labeled her "one to watch." SHEESH Media compared her vocals to the great Billie Eilish, and A1234 praised her latest release, describing it as "infectious plucky guitar-driven, bedroom-pop track."

Dee Holt's artistic journey is ongoing, as she continues to study art/animation at university and designs all her artwork and directs her own music videos. Her commitment to her craft and her authenticity is what sets her apart, and her approach to music is a reflection of her singular and magnetic sensibility. With her music, she aims to translate her experiences and emotions into something that her listeners can relate to and understand.

Dee Holt's latest release, "Better," is an exciting and promising track that highlights her unique vocal range, moody lyrics, and captivating persona. Her music is an invitation to a world of emotions, thoughts, and experiences, making her a rising star in the industry.


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