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December Rose - "Making Up For Lost Time"

Step into a world of magic and nostalgia with singer-songwriter December Rose's latest EP, "Portal." Drawing inspiration from the timeless enchantment of Disney and the enduring spirit of youth, December Rose delivers a heartfelt ode to the power of imagination and the joy of remaining young at heart. The EP's standout track, "Making Up for Lost Time," dives deep into the idea that we all have moments in our lives when we feel trapped in emotional conflict, unable to move forward. December Rose herself admits to experiencing this struggle, often seeing it reflected in her interactions and relationships. For her, a pivotal moment was coming to terms with unresolved childhood trauma, a process that took years. She reflects, "I wrestled with the expectations of growing up and being an independent adult, all while feeling angry that I didn't have the time to truly be a child." However, after putting in the work to heal and grow, she celebrates the sense of liberation she has found. "Making Up for Lost Time" serves as a beacon for her personal journey, a journey that is, at its core, sad, reflective, and empowering. December Rose's signature style is a compelling blend of authenticity and diversity. Hailing from Montreal, Canada, she has honed her craft over the years with more than 15 years of formal musical and vocal training, including a degree in classical voice performance. Her exceptional vocal abilities earned her two silver medals during her time at the Royal Conservatory of Music, showcasing her mastery of vocal mechanics. Beyond her own artistry, December Rose has also taken on the role of a private vocal coach, sharing her expertise with others for over nine years. Dedicated to her creative process, December Rose doesn't rush her projects. Instead, she immerses herself in understanding the origins of her thoughts and emotions, allowing her music to evolve naturally. Her previous singles, such as "Not Sorry," "Raise Your Voice," "When We Were Young," and "Apple Tree," have garnered critical acclaim and showcased her ability to touch on a wide range of themes and emotions. Notably, her song "Ball Game" received a New Artist Spotlight award from and was featured in 8,500 outlets. She even secured the New Music Weekly's Top 40 Artist of the Year award for "Raise Your Voice" in June 2020, further solidifying her presence in the music industry. As we look to the future, December Rose's next single, "Forever Getting Old," is set to release on May 19, 2023. This song is a reminder to cherish the present moment and truly live life to the fullest. Written as her own motivational anthem, it encourages listeners to savor life's moments while they can. December Rose's music continues to inspire and uplift, making her a promising artist to watch in the world of adult contemporary music. So, dive into the enchanting world of December Rose's music, and let her transport you to a place of magic, nostalgia, and personal growth with "Making Up for Lost Time" and her upcoming single "Forever Getting Old." Listen below.


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