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Debride - "Ephemera"

Welcoming "Ephemera" by Debride, a spellbinding track that intricately weaves the essence of Gothic and Dark Wave music with elements of Bedroom Pop, Lo-fi Pop, and Dream Pop. This song, enveloped in moody, dark, and experimental tones, resonates with the styles of artists like Still Woozy, Bon Iver, The National, and Pianos Become The Teeth.

"Ephemera," is actually a term that denotes things that exist only briefly, mirrors the fleeting nature of our lives, highlighting the profoundness of our limited time on Earth. This track delves into the understanding that our departed loved ones continue to exist around us through the energy they've released into the world. It's emotional for sure, but its real. It's a tribute to the everlasting presence and impact of those we've lost. The artistry in "Ephemera" lies in its ability to evoke emotion through its intricate sound design. Each element, the piano to the vocal layers, contributes to an atmosphere that is both melancholic and soothing. Listen now and experience the unique soundscapes of Debride.


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