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deathbypeanuts x MERON - "Cold As Usual"

Get ready to get back to the golden era of R&B with "Cold As Usual," the single from Berlin-based producer deathbypeanuts. Released under the Lekker Collective label, this track is a contemporary twist on '90s R&B, resonating with the deep, soulful vibes of artists like D'Angelo we think big time.

The song is woven with moods of melancholy, sensuality, and relaxation, capturing an essence that is as sad and sexy at the same time, with a chill undertone that makes it a perfect backdrop for introspective nights or intimate times... "Cold As Usual" is a slow burner for sure though, being really reminiscent of the smooth grooves and emotive delivery that define the works of Lucky Daye, Xavier Omär, and Leven Kali. Adding to the track's allure is MERON's rich vocal performance, which beautifully complements deathbypeanuts' understated yet gripping production style here. Listen below now and relax.


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