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Dear Laura - "Do You Know" (how it feels to be alone)

Swedish band Dear Laura has released a new single, "Do You Know (how it feels to be alone)," from their upcoming EP "Mountains pt. 2". The song is a poignant reflection on the emotions experienced by a friend who went through a divorce, with lyrics that attempt to capture the perspectives of both parties involved.

The song starts with a sad, moody tone that sets the stage for a deep emotional dive into the feelings of the couple. As the song progresses, we witness a gradual shift in their perspectives, which changes along with the dynamics of their relationship. The lyrics are beautifully written, and the melodies of the song evoke a sense of sadness and reflection.

The process of writing this song was particularly emotional for Dear Laura as the divorce was ongoing at the time. The band members have managed to capture the raw emotions of the couple going through the divorce, making the song all the more poignant and relatable to listeners who may have gone through similar experiences.

Formed in 2021, Dear Laura comprises of musicians who had played together in the early 2000s before parting ways musically. They remained good friends over the years and started playing together again in 2021, during the pandemic. The band's strong backbone in rock and alternative music is evident in the way they mix melodious chord progressions with loud guitars and hard-hitting drums.

The band's first EP, "Mountains pt. 1," was released just a few months after they started playing together again. It was written in a cabin in the Swedish mountains, which inspired the EP's title. In the spring of 2022, the band began recording their follow-up EP, "Mountains pt. 2," which includes "Do You Know (how it feels to be alone)".

Overall, "Do You Know" is a beautiful song that showcases Dear Laura's musical talent and ability to capture emotions in their lyrics. The song is a poignant reflection on the emotional struggles of a divorce, and it will surely resonate with listeners who have gone through similar experiences. We can't wait to see what else Dear Laura has in store for us on their upcoming EP.


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