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Deadhead Daisies - "Aluminum"

Introducing Deadhead Daisies with "Aluminum," the second single from Deadhead Daisies' upcoming debut album, "Simulation Salutations." Hailing from Toronto, Deadhead Daisies is the exciting project of brother duo Jordan and Justin Kahn, we think this is something awesome, family working together.

Musically, "Aluminum" is a compelling blend of indie electronic and alt-pop, with an undercurrent of indie pop elements. The mood is a complex tapestry of sadness, energy, and moodiness, reflecting the multifaceted emotional landscape that the song navigates.

Jordan Kahn leads the project, bringing his multifaceted artistry to bear. His indie influences are apparent, merged seamlessly with elements of hip-hop. Complementing Jordan's creative prowess, Justin Kahn adds another layer of depth to Deadhead Daisies' sound with his bass-heavy electronic production. We think that together the Kahn brothers have created a sound that bends the mind. Listen now.


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