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Day1 - "MBAPPÉ" (feat. KAHUKX)

Introducing Day1 with the latest single "MBAPPÉ" (feat. KAHUKX). Boasting a swaggering beat and unrelenting energy, Day1 and Kahukx’s collab is tailor-made to cure the winter blues. As the pair mix multi-lingual bars seamlessly, Day1’s signature accented sound uses his mixed Māori and Australian heritage as inspiration, blending contemporary hip-hop and melodic rap in a confident, sleek style. The musician delivers absolutely up beat vocals here and a very smooth beat that when turned up loudly you just feel it in your chest. Young and accomplished, the musician absolutely shows promise with their delivery and flow, something you really dont hear to often, the artist is very precise and to the point with their lyricism. Listen below for yourself.


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