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Dax - My Heart Hurts (Video)

Dax is a new artist to us. Canadian, but realistically he is an artist that his been doing his thing for quite some time. He recently released a music video for his single "My Heart Hurts". Starting with Dax and a female speaking, Dax telling the female that he's done with her. The female then pulls in Dax and bites him on the neck revealing herself to be a blood sucking vampire. The vampire being the metaphor of a blood sucker as previously said, but a leach, someone who takes from you, and then disposes of you. That's what he's portraying here in his "Relationship gone wrong" visuals. Not much is known of the artist unless we creep a bit on social media and check him out on music platforms. The single is hard hitting, and heart felt, and we do hope to hear more from him.



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