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David Van Zavier - "Ventilation"

David Van Zavier's latest single, "Ventilation," is a dark and moody track that blends elements of contemporary R&B and alternative hip-hop. The song's nonchalant delivery and flow are reminiscent of artists like Yung Lean, while its haunting production creates an ominous atmosphere. In the lyrics, David expresses a need for space and dedication, highlighting his introspective and reflective songwriting style.

"Ventilation" was produced and written entirely by David Van Zavier, and it is set to appear on his upcoming album, "Oh My Vision." Originally from rural Michigan, David now calls the Pacific Northwest home. He is known for his unique blend of alternative and indie R&B, which showcases his diverse musical influences and creative vision. With his latest release, David continues to push the boundaries of contemporary R&B and alternative hip-hop, cementing his place as a rising star in the genre.


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