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David Sunnerfors - "The Reaction!"

Welcoming David Sunnerfors with his debut song "The Reaction!," a vibrant fusion of Funk, Jazz Fusion, and Synthpop. Released by Sun & Spring Productions, this track is a lively homage to the synthpop and funk sounds of the late 80's and early 90's, combined with modern pop and fusion elements. Our favorite instrument in the world is used here with the DX7. The song is laced with self-awareness and humor, and its happy, energetic, and sexy moods make it a perfect addition to any playlist looking for a lively and engaging musical experience. "The Reaction!" resonates with the styles of iconic artists like Dirty Loops, Michael Jackson, Scritti Politti, Paula Abdul, and Don Henley. This debut single is an exciting blend of musical virtuosity and light-hearted humor, aiming to challenge conventional pop music with its unique approach. David Sunnerfors himself takes on vocals, guitar, and keyboards, showcasing his versatile talents. The track features big names such as Henrik Linder from Dirty Loops on bass, Joel Lyssarides on piano and keyboards, Jonathan Lundberg on drums, and backing vocals by Stina Agustsdottir and Yrsa Schau. Listen below to see what we mean.


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