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Dark & Nightshade With His Fascinating Track "Hello, Below"

Oustanding artist Dark & Nightshade is the product of years of restlessly absorbing an eclectic mix of music and funneling those influences into an album where string pizzicatos are found just as easily as biting, abrasive electric guitar lines. As a musician, he plays or programs all the instruments and sings all the parts himself. As a former audio engineer, he records and mixes the majority of the content as well. Is he a control freak? “Probably,” he says. With the release of his newest single "Hello, Below" he projects a mysterious sound that will surely intrigue your ears. Beginning with eerie instrumentation leading onto his soft and luscious vocals he completes the single entirely. Explaining the song a bit further lyrically, the bleak verses are punctuated by the more hopeful choruses, "Just once, someday, we'll love". To the vocals and production, this track will definitely have you singing along the lyrics. It would be just perfect for a late-night drive or alone within your thoughts. Go stream "Hello, Below".



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