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Darian Smith Jr x The Most High Sav - "YAYA"

Darian Smith Jr x The Most High Sav: Unveiling "YAYA" - A Blend of Conscious Hip-Hop and Energetic Alternative Vibes

Get ready to groove to the rhythm of conscious hip-hop and energetic alternative beats with Darian Smith Jr and The Most High Sav's latest collaboration, "YAYA." This track, which also boasts a hint of that classic BoomBap style, is a true gem in the hip-hop scene. If you're into artists like Kendrick Lamar, this one's bound to hit the right chords for you.

Darian Smith Jr, born on July 28, 1995, is a multi-talented American artist known for his prowess in rapping, songwriting, record producing, fashion designing, and visual arts. Hailing from Hawthorne, California, Smith embarked on his musical journey at an incredibly young age, going by the moniker "The Entertainer." Even in his early years, his dedication was evident as he dropped his mixtape "No Chorus: The Mixtape" at the age of 11, later releasing it as a teenager. This move may have flown somewhat under the radar, but it undeniably paved his path to the underground music scene.

Fast forward to recent times, Smith's work started gaining more recognition. His official single "FOR.THE.DEAD.HOMIES." hit the airwaves on October 31, 2018, followed by the attention-catching track "U NEED" in 2019, produced by none other than ICYTWAT. With his increasing popularity, he delved deeper into the local music circuit, performing at events and connecting with fellow artists.

And now, "YAYA." This is the second installment of the #DSMITHSATURDAY II series, and it's a testament to Darian Smith Jr's growth and evolution in the industry. The track is a fusion of conscious hip-hop's thought-provoking lyrics and the vibrant energy of alternative hip-hop. If you're in the mood for happy, chill, and energetic vibes all rolled into one, this is the track for you.

So, get those headphones ready and let "YAYA" take you on a musical journey through Darian Smith Jr's artistic progression. From his early days as "The Entertainer" to the present, this track encapsulates his dedication, talent, and undeniable passion for the craft. Listen below now!


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