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Darian King - "M.I.A."

Introducing Darian King with "M.I.A.". The track is a fusion of high energy and happy moods, making it your go-to anthem for a good time. Hailing from Canada, Darian King is a hip-hop mogul in the making, wearing many hats from artist to manager to A&R. With a resume boasting collaborations with top artists, labels, and producers, he is a growing force in the music industry, nurtured by strong relationships with key players in the field we think for sure. What sets Darian King apart is his unique style of "calm energy," a concept where his vocal performance contrasts with the beat. When the beat is boisterous, his vocals stay low and deep, offering a unique counterbalance that captivates listeners like in this recent single. This is reflected in "M.I.A," where his mastery over auto-tune and melodic voice shines, all while delivering a basic melodic rap that's anything but ordinary. Darian's talents aren't confined to the mic; he's also a gifted writer, credited with penning hundreds of songs for various artists. His experience doesn't stop there. He's worked in the same recording studios as legends like Michael Jackson, Kanye West, and Drake, absorbing the energies of these greats and infusing it into his own work. Listen below now.


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