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Dantaya - Balance

Talented artist Dantaya has a passion for music enflamed in his younger years when he had listened to albums by Wu-Tang, Mobb Depp, Nas, The Pharcyde u.v.a. In the beginning of 2000 he started his career as a MC & Reggae/Dancehall artist, during this time his passion for beat production grew more and more. Also the openness to different music directions became wider, especially soul and jazz music were always a big part of his influence on his production. His music takes influences from the city & nature that surrounds him, from the various songs in his daily playlists and his feelings that he processes in his music. Following the release of his newest single "Balance", he presents a sensational sound that will certainly intrigue your ears. Beginning with upbeat instrumentation leading onto smooth and luscious instruments played all throughout. This Lofi beat makes you feel like you are in a calm escape without having no worries in the world. whether you're hanging out with friends, going for a swim, or wanting to listen to relaxing music this single would be perfect for any time of the day. Go stream "Balance" and check out his discography which is filled with astounding tracks.


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