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Danny George Intrigues Us With His Delightful Track "Embrace"

Danny George is an uprising artist from London who's been perfecting his craft over the last few years. George has been living in London working on music in which in fact is his passion, recently George shifted to the notorious haven of Berlin to further his creativity and inspiration for his music. Once there, this British singer went directly to his electric mix of influences to then creating his own genre-blending style of music. Combining his love for live instrumentation, sampling and the organic use of field recordings, he has captured the true nature of a warm, cinematic sound that falls into place surpassing his lush and colorful instrumentation.

Many factors just shows to prove how great this musicians is and if you don't believe me you have to check out his new EP "Crushed Comfort". This earth-based singer takes you on a journey in this EP relating to the demise of a relationship at it's crossroads. Self-produced by George himself, he took all control in every aspect of it's creation. It's definitely an EP you wouldn't want to miss. One track that really captures my attention is "Embrace" it's a super cinematic track, it starts off with a nostalgic beat leading onto the vocals. Just being so breath-taking with the beginning drops, you can feel this track within you feet. It also has a romantic feel to the track talking about a girl whose his embrace, it's a heart-felt track to say the least. I also enjoy the concept of the EP having the conception of earth images as his cover art, it captures the whole soul of this Ep. Make sure to check out his other tracks as well, as you can see with this Ep, this artist is shooting no where but the top.



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