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Dance Yourself Clean x Gregory Dillon - "Still Not Okay"

In a mesmerizing blend of synthwave, indie electronic, and indietronica, Dance Yourself Clean returns to our page and collaborates with Gregory Dillon to deliver the captivating track "Still Not Okay." Originating from the renowned indie dance party that grew into a music project, Dance Yourself Clean has consistently pushed boundaries, and this collaboration is no exception. The track opens with a passionate piano, setting the stage for a journey that unfolds with every beat. As Dillon's radio-ready vocals take center stage, the island vibes become apparent, even though the sounds are far from conventional island sounds, its just the feeling. It's the relaxing and immersive quality of the instrumental, coupled with a pulsating bass in the drop, that transports listeners to an imaginary island of rhythm and melody. "Still Not Okay" is a testament to Dance Yourself Clean's versatility and their commitment to breaking the mold. The synthesis of synthwave elements with island influences creates a unique sonic color that is both refreshing and exhilarating. The track not only invites you to dance but also encourages you to lose yourself in its vibrant atmosphere. Listen now!


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