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Dan Rico With His Outstanding Track "Rose Gold"

Upcoming artist Dan Rico is a Multi-instrumentalist/songwriter/producer born in Chicago, IL, and now resides in Brooklyn, NY. Rico took an avid interest in music early, singing along and staging dances to Michael Jackson and Elvis records for his family. At age 12 he began learning guitar and at age 15 started recording his own songs and playing/touring with countless underground rock and punk bands from Chicago including Caw! Caw!, Tender, Mama, The Rubs, and even a Prince cover band "Purple Pain". He also began producing and recording music for other acts, including Vamos, in conjunction with local label Maximum Pelt Records. In 2015 his band EGO recorded a concept album every month based on the corresponding sign of the zodiac. After, Dan began releasing music under his own name with his debut album, "Endless Love." Following the release of his newest single "Rose Gold" he projects a very dreamy track that will definitely grasp your ears. Starting with upbeat instrumentation leading onto his sweet and soft vocals he completes the single fully. Explaining the track further Dan said the words “Rose Gold” "brought to mind a delirious hazy memory". It's a sad but hopeful in tone, about a gilded time growing up with friends and big dreams, some which never come to pass. To the vocals and production it's a very relaxing track and just great for any occasion. It would be best for a late night drive or a day for a picnic. Go stream "Rose Gold" and check out his discography which is filled with amazing tracks.



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