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Dan Loki is an up and coming artist out of Fort Lauderdale, FL. With ties to the South and love for all hip hop music he has been able to string together a different style of hip hop all together. Speaking about his life and real life situations has always been in the forefront of his musically journey. An artist that has been on our radar now for a bit, returning again proving that he is more than just a one time thing, and that he is indeed here to stay for the long term. Determined to prove himself and become the artist that he is meant to be. We get "Free Your Mind". Dan Loki does his duty when it comes to the lyricism and flavor that he adds on to the smoky instrumental that grasps your mind immediately upon the first listen. The artist is reminiscent to his influences when it comes down to just pure talent, we get a hint of Jack Harlow, and Drake. Listen below for yourself.


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