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Daimy Lotus With Her Amazing Single "Good For Me"

Upcoming artist Daimy Lotus is a singer and songwriter ever since her early childhood days and has been involved with music, singing and dance. Even at the tender age of five she could be found performing at the yearly cultural market in her home town. In 2009 she decided to pursue a career in songwriting as well. At the age of 18 she released an EP named ’15’ including her first single Saturday Girl and follow up single Cannonball, which she got acknowledged for by Dutch radio station 3FM by naming her Serious Talent. Other radio stations followed along. She played at many festivals and did a Dutch tour through 20 different cities. After writing songs and performing them for her solo project for several years, she decided to focus on writing for other artists as well (2017). Therefore she has worked with a variety of songwriters, producers and artists in- and outside the country. Nevertheless she is still working on solo material. Following the release of her newest single "Good For Me" she projects a vibrant track that will surely capture your attention. Beginning the track with a soothing but yet upbeat energy leading onto her sweet and soft vocals she completes the track fully. To explain the track further it's about having an immense love for this certain boy but at the same time he doesn't recuperate the same energy, her knowing what she needs to do, she can't resist him. To the vocals and production this track becomes so much more than just a great track, at the same time it's 100% relatable to all the ladies who have been in this position before. Making it just perfect for a sing along with some girl friends or just blasting it down the streets late at night. Go stream "Good For Me" and check out her discography which is filled with amazing tracks.



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