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Dacotu x Judas Pizaroo - "Celosa"

Dácotu is a very focused, persevering and charismatic artist with a unique way of composing. He has been living in Mexico since 2014, but is originally from Calgary, Canada. His sound is certainly influenced by the warmth, culture and atmosphere of the Latin world and the tropical islands of Vanuatu, where he lived 8 years of his childhood. The single to us is very reminiscent to Bad Bunny in the soft, yet hard hitting sense. The instrumental is purely something that we imagine hearing in a club here in Miami where we're located, and we are sure that there would be enjoyers of the music here as well, like in mexico, as there is a latin community here as well. The vocals on another hand were simply amazing and stunning, we could defintely hear this being played on the radio. Soft, yet very emotional and serious to us speaking about jealousy in the single.


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