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D'sinatra x Rock Nitty - BOC (Bag Of Crypto)

Introducing D'sinatra today with the help of Rock Nitty as well. This is the first time we've heard from either of these two artists/lyricists this time. The newest single "BOC" is a boss-feel good single, announcing their accomplishments and interests with cryptocurrency. The pair of artists are descirbing to the listener that they are only interested in the female, if shes financially literate with investing and thinking about the future. While the single isn't obious to what they invest in, we think that if they weren't sitting on some huge gains from 2020-2021 then they simply wouldn't have made this single. The rapping on the drill instrumental is super stuperb, and the gentelmen do a great deal at sliding and gliding on the instrumental. We recommend for anyone who likes Pop Smoke.


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