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D' Nairo - "Say nothin"

It's real, it's honest. It has a soul element with truth. Thats how D' Nairo describes the single in his own words, and we must say that you don't have to be a rocket scientist to figure that out. He's correct when he says that the elements in the single presented to our ears is defintely soulful, honest and very much so truthful. When it comes down to the raw bars, writing and cadence that D' Nairo puts down on the instrumental, it sounds reminiscent to an MF Doom, of the sorts. Not much is known about the artist so far but we are defintely more than keen to hear more and we're ready whenever D' Nairo releases more heat. The sort of nitty and gritty boom bap sound, that we all seem to love and care for deeply, take a listen below and see for yourself.


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