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D. Green - "Gravitational Pull"

Welcoming "Gravitational Pull" by D. Green, a track where funk meets contemporary R&B with a twist of alternative and indie vibes. This song is a lively celebration of admiration and appreciation for a vibrant soul, set to an uptempo and distinctive groove that's irresistible to dance to. The mood of the single is a sort of blend of happy, chill, and sexy, creating an ambiance that's both uplifting and alluring. It's a track that reflects the joy of connection and the magnetic pull of a beautiful spirit. The rhythm and energy of the song are reminiscent of the styles of The Weeknd, Anderson .Paak, LEISURE, dvsn, and even the King of Pop, Michael Jackson. D. Green showcases his impressive vocal control in this single, using his voice as an elastic instrument that bends and sways with the rhythm. His ability to weave through the beat with such ease and finesse adds an extra layer of enjoyment to the listening experience. It's the kind of track you play when you need a boost, when you want to feel good and let the music take you away. The relaxing yet energizing beat is a testament to D. Green's talent and his understanding of what makes a song truly resonate with listeners. Listen below now.


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