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DẸMI - "Creatures Of The Night"

Prepare to be entranced by the dark and energetic sounds of DẸMI's latest track, "Creatures Of The Night." Blending the genres of DiscoBedroom and Lo-fi PopNu-disco, this haunting tune is the perfect addition to your playlist as Halloween draws near, serving up a deliciously eerie 80s vibe.

Oluwademilade Oyebanji, known in the music world as DẸMI, is a Nigerian-Canadian musician and songwriter with a passion for pushing the boundaries of music. You may recognize him by his former stage name, 'Emperor,' but he's evolved and matured as an artist. At just 24 years old, he's already a Berklee Graduate, wielding a degree in Music Production. This guy has put his musical talents to work in various industries, from gaming to film and business development. But now, it's time for him to return to his true passion and gift the streaming world with his unique brand of music.

What sets DẸMI apart is his commitment to innovation and dynamism. He's a musical chameleon, constantly evolving and experimenting with his sound. "Creatures Of The Night" is a testament to his ability to blend different styles and moods seamlessly. It's a spooky tune, for sure, but it's also energetic and moody, taking you on a thrilling musical journey.

So, as Halloween approaches, be sure to add "Creatures Of The Night" to your playlist. DẸMI's music is a refreshing twist in the world of lo-fi and disco, and with his diverse background and boundless creativity, he's poised to make a lasting impact in the music industry. Get ready for a little more DẸMI in your life, because this rising star is here to stay. Listen below.


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