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Cuushe With Her Outstanding Track "Emergence"

Cuushe comes again with yet again another one amazing track. If you don't know who Cuushe is then you are for sure in for a treat. Cuushe has always been in constant motion. Raised in Kyoto, growing up in Osaka and later moving to Japan’s over-stimulating capital, Tokyo, the Japanese artist would go on to make London, then Berlin, her home. Now based in Tokyo, and with three albums, multiple singles and EPs to her name, Cuushe starts a new chapter of her music career having lived what could be described as a reverie-like life, changing residences between different global cities around the world: Kyoto, Osaka,Tokyo, London and Berlin. She had stopped working on her craft until she came back with more outstanding tracks then ever. Following the release of her newest single "Emergence" she projects a sound that will surly having you bopping your head. Starting the track a groovy beat leading onto her luscious and captivating vocals she gets a hold of this track entirely. “Emergence” perhaps best demonstrates her eye on the dance floor with her distinct vocals woven in and out of the club rhythms, swirling together into a singular uplifting experience. It would be perfect for a day at the beach or a late night drive. Go check out "Emergence" and stream her discography which is filled with soothing tracks.



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