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Cuushe With Her Dreamy Track "Hold Half"

Upcoming artist Cuushe also known as Japanese artist Mayuko Hitotsuyanagi projects clear thoughts and ideas with every track she creates. Cuushe has always been in constant motion, being raised in Kyoto and later moving to Japan’s over-stimulating capital, Tokyo, the Japanese artist would go on to make London, then Berlin, her home. Now based in Tokyo, and with three albums, multiple singles and EPs to her name. Cuushe had decided to start a new chapter of her music career, always constantly shifting into different areas of the world she now has been focusing more into her dream-pop genre and has effectively been creating her tracks so much more genuine and sincere. She has also collaborated with IglooghostEt AliaeKidkanevil, among others, and has had her own work remixed by the likes of Nite JewelBlackbird BlackbirdBotanyTeen DazePalmistryMotion Sickness Of Time Travel and more. Cuushe is not stopping now and keeps providing her audience with great music.

Introducing her latest single "Hold Half" it's a big, bright and beautiful track that cartwheels into a world of vital sound, warm chords, crashing beats, and with Cuushe’s voice she leaps with newfound energy. Hold Half is such a soft track, starting with what sounds like a dreamy beat setting the scenery perfectly in your mind she continues with her dim and elegant vocals. She fully captures the whole feel of the track, and does a great job of bringing her energy throughout this track giving her listeners something that is soft and capturing. I really enjoy the dream like tone this song has, it takes you to a atmosphere that is filled with good energies. check this track out and her whole discography her voice is truly something mesmerizing.



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