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Cuushe Introduces A Dreamy Track With "Magic"

Cuushe returns to our page once again with another amazing single with "Magic". Cuushe also known as Japanese artist Mayuko Hitotsuyanagi puts clear outlines on her music with every track she creates. Cuushe has always been in constant motion. Raised in Kyoto, growing up in Osaka and later moving to Japan’s over-stimulating capital, Tokyo, the Japanese artist would go on to make London, then Berlin, her home. Now based in Tokyo, and with three albums, multiple singles and EPs to her name, Cuushe starts a new chapter of her music career having lived what could be described as a reverie-like life, changing residences between different global cities around the world: Kyoto, Osaka,Tokyo, London and Berlin. Following the release of her newest single "Magic" it's one dreamy track that would surely make you want to put it on repeat. Starting the track with a slow and capturing beat leading on her sweet and soft vocals. This track truly sends you into a peaceful atmosphere filled with calming sounds to relax you and everything else you might be experiencing. Cuushe shares "Magic", the second single from WAKEN. The track features Mayuko's distinct whispering vocals flowing in and out of the night drive-style electronic melodies. The "Magic" video is directed by Tao Tajima with animation from Yoko Kuno. Go stream "Magic" and check out her discography which is filled with beautiful tracks.






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