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Cruzu - "new blend"

Introducing Cruzu with the latest single "new blend". ‘lofibe’ (2022) is an instrumental album consisting of 8 tracks, solely produced by music producer and beatmaker Cruzu. After participating in a lofi beat-making competition organized by Chillhop Music (jazzy lofi hip hop music label, 3M+ subscribers on YouTube) and Music Matters, where he ended up in the 2nd place, he started creating more beats in this genre. The single is something extremely relaxing we think, the beat is just really well crafted and the sound selection is also extremely well done, and carefully at that. The color is simply off the charts and you can truly feel that the artist put their soul into the work. The feeling of jazz is previlant, but so is the feeling of boom bap as well and converted to the modern sound of nostalgic lofi as such. Listen below for yourself to see what we mean.


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