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Crown La'trell Introduces A Capturing Track With "Halo"

Crown La’trell is an emerging R&B/HipHop artist from the west end of Toronto. A talented artist with a unique sound and persona that consistently drops high quality visuals, combined with moody, gothic and introspective songs which delivers an experience that instantly draws in the listener. The strength of his sound and cinematic visuals make Crown La’trell one to watch. Following his newest release "Halo" La'trell impress once again with this track. Starting the track with a melancholy beat leading onto his soft and capturing vocals. It surely an interesting track with the crazy visuals you will definitely be intrigued to know more about this artist. Combining gothic elements to his rap style is what truly sets this artist apart giving you that sense of clarity but yet a dark somber moment. It's one grasping track for sure. To further explain what this track is truly about it's the accompanying visuals that transport the audience to an eerie world of the artists design where demons hide under the guise of beautiful young girls and a cult pays chilling homage to Crown himself. The strength of his sound and cinematic visuals make Crown La’trell one to watch. Go stream "Halo" and check out his discography that is filled with amazing tracks.






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