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Crossed NM - "Paradise Lost" (Prod. Mist3r)

Updated: Jul 7, 2022

Introducing Crossed NM with the latest single "Paradise Lost" (Prod. Mist3r). Not much is known about the musician at this time we think but we tend to feel tied to the emotion side within the single. The musician tells us "My first song about being able to move on from a bad experience. I had broken my leg and gotten my heart broken in the same week back in April. Now that I can walk again it's both a metaphorical and literal sense of getting back on my feet." The artist delivers a melodic and sensetive feeling on the track here that feels like its an ode to someone in his life in particular we think. We think its reminiscent to trippie redd when the musician is more so on the emotional tip. Listen below for yourself to see exactly what we mean.


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