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Cristale With Her Outstanding Track "Next Up?"

South London MC Cristale has fast become one to watch in the UK rap and drill scene. After a series of highly regarded freestyles, which have accumulated hundreds of thousands of views across and media support from Mixtape Madness, Linkup TV, SBTV, UK Gossip. Cristale is more than a drill rapper, as she pulls inspiration from grime, spoken word and range of sounds she soaked up growing up in Caribbean household. She also he cites Lauryn Hill, as a huge influence on who carries an essence of realism that Cristale also conveys in her music. Having recorded the single at the influential Digital Holdings Studios in South London (which also gave rise to the likes of Dot Rotten, Harlem Spartans and SL in recent years), she continues to work closely with the team there and has more music and content lined up for release this year and beyond. Following the release of her newest single "Next Up?" she projects a booming sound with a drill beat backing her up. Starting the track with a hard and loud drill beat leading onto her loud and intoxicating vocals she completes this track completely. To explain the track further it's about literally being next up her music is so intoxicating that'll truly be intrigued. The track would be perfect for chilling with your friends or wanting to take a drive and just jam out. If you like drill tracks this will surly be a track to check out. Go stream "Next Up?."



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