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Crewless - "Elevator (going down)"

Crewless, an emerging force in the indie music scene, is here to challenge your musical expectations with their latest release, "Elevator." This dynamic trio, consisting of vocalists Jefferson, Brandi, and Makenna, brings a unique blend of indietronica and alternative pop to the forefront, leaving listeners with a sense of moody, dark, and chilled vibes.

What sets Crewless apart is their commitment to sonic diversity. They offer not one but two versions of "Elevator" to cater to different moods. "Elevator (going down)" takes you on a low-tempo, moody journey, while "Elevator (going up)" cranks up the tempo, injecting a dose of drama into the mix. This approach, as Crewless puts it, reflects the idea that there's more than one way to convey a message, and they refuse to limit themselves to just one.

The heart of "Elevator" lies in its attempt to capture the rollercoaster of emotions that come with deeply caring for someone whose feelings are all over the map. Love can be exhausting, but Crewless invites you to embrace the chaos through their music. With production by Nate Pyfer, known for his work with artists like Kaskade and Sego, the musical synergy between Crewless and their collaborators feels like a match made in heaven.

Crewless thrives on the power of three distinct voices. Drawing inspiration from bands like The B52's, Human League, and Mother Mother, they recognize that the dynamic between three vocalists opens up a vast musical palette. There's an undeniable energy that surges when these voices harmonize, especially in a live setting, allowing them to push musical boundaries beyond what's achievable individually.

In terms of sound, Crewless describes their musical backbone as "house music with punk guitars." But they emphasize one non-negotiable rule: the music must make you bob your head. Gunther, the creative force behind the soundscapes, wields his guitar and DJ decks to weave their signature sonic tapestry.


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