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Cracka Smile - "Errbody Get Drunk" (N’ look Stupid Af)

When you're ready to turn up the energy and hit the dance floor, Cracka Smile is the artist you need to know. His track "Errbody Get Drunk (N’ look Stupid Af)" is an infectious dance-pop anthem that's all about having a blast. With a mood that's energetic, happy, and downright epic, this song is the ultimate party and club banger.

Cracka Smile's musical journey is as intriguing as his beats. He burst onto the scene in 1980, and since then, he's been a compelling force in the music world. In 2011, he founded the 90's inspired rock group, Black Shirley, in the vibrant musical city of New Orleans. They started performing locally, but when the group went their separate ways in 2013, Cracka Smile embarked on a musical exploration, dabbling in rap and electronic genres. His talents quickly caught the attention of artists like British rapper Shine Brida and New Orleans R&B sensation Big Montana, for whom he produced.

In 2013, he made the move to Los Angeles and joined forces with former Nirvana drummer Aaron Burckhard for a side project known as Silver Treez. The band's edgy tunes gained popularity among college crowds, thanks to regular airplay on stations like KGRG and KCRW.

Currently, Cracka Smile is putting the finishing touches on his debut solo release, "The Mugician," which promises to be an electrifying blend of electro, rock, and rap. His journey in music has been a dynamic one, and he's set on taking his popularity to new heights, aiming for a long and fulfilling career. So, when you're in the mood for a high-energy party anthem that'll make you want to dance 'til dawn, look no further than Cracka Smile and "Errbody Get Drunk (N’ look Stupid Af)."


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