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Covstline - "Magic Tricks"

Welcoming Covstline with "Magic Tricks". The musicians tell us "We are Covstline an experimental/ alternative duo based in Los Angeles that will make you want to push the person next to you and start a mosh pit. Our band consists of producer Evan Kinzer aka Left Unsaid who is mainly an EDM composer but for this project uses those elements found in modern electronic music and fuses 80s drums and synths to create a new upbeat sound." The single is something that really makes you want to turn up we think. The artist absolutely just knocks it out of the park we think. The writing is simply something addicting we think here when it comes down to the instrumental. The instrumental is full of color we think. The feeling of the bpm is something that really makes you want to burn energy. The vintage feeling as well is something that grasps you and focuses on the vintage side with combining more of a modern sound. Listen below.


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