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Introducing upcoming artists FlatLine Franko and Lil Xelly both have distinct vocals and tracks that will surely capture your attention. Lil Xelly first started off his musical career back in 2016 by just uploading his tracks on Soundcloud. Being inspired by multiple artists on Soundcloud is what broke this musical talent into who he is now. While efficiently woking on his music he has compiled over 105 songs ever since 2016, projecting amazing tracks for all types of audience. Flatline Franko is also a very interesting artist in the music scene today as well as working with the genre of Hip/Hop and Rap, he has also created multiple tracks that really capture the audience attention, to his vocals and endlessly great productions you would definitely want to check this artist out.

Following their newest single "Coupon" having a collaboration together these artists fit perfectly for a track with both having the same style of genre Hip/Hop they flow through this beat so effortlessly, Being produced by B0jack who's a great engineer, he makes the beat just sound so immaculate that the pair instantly grab a hold of the beat. The track was created at B0jack's studio in Cincinnati, Oh where they all linked up, having a small altercation with B0jack and lil Xelly's management they worked it out and instantly had the track in 20 minutes after that the videographer started shooting with a 24hr turnaround time in which they both had the track ready alongside a great video. You catch a vibe right away when your first listen, to the vocals and amazing production this track just instantly grabs your attention.This song is also great just for a late night drive with friends or just getting turned up at a party! go check them out and stream "Coupon".


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