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Cosa Custode - "Nuit Des Fleurs"

Cosa Custode, the Ecuadorian artist now residing in Hamburg, Germany, has undergone a remarkable transformation in their latest album, "VILLANOS IN DIMANCHE." This album introduces a contemporary, updated, and fierce sound that invites listeners to shake their bodies to the rhythm of the German nightlife with a Latino twist.

The album's first single, released on August 4, 2023, is the captivating "NUIT DES FLEURS," which translates to "Night of Flowers" in French. This track serves as a tantalizing preview of the forthcoming music that will be part of an intense campaign spanning several months.

One of the distinctive features of the album "VILLANOS IN DIMANCHE" is the incorporation of small texts, fragments, and interviews that provide a window into the ever-changing thoughts of humanity in the contemporary world.

Produced in Hamburg by Cosa Custode, "NUIT DES FLEURS" underwent the mixing and mastering process with the collaboration of the renowned Cuencan producer Santiago Salazar (of La Maquina Camaleón and La Madre Tirana fame). The visual aspect of the project was brought to life by the design and VJ expertise of Dr. Raton, a talent hailing from Quito.

Cosa Custode introduces themselves as an Ecuadorian-Italian songwriter and producer whose musical journey commenced in Quito, Ecuador, back in 2016. Their musical evolution, now culminating in the vibrant and dynamic "NUIT DES FLEURS," showcases their prowess in creating powerful synth beats that resonate with the energy of power pop while carrying the colorful essence of the '80s.

Drawing inspiration from artists like NATHY PELUSO, Daft Punk, Kavinsky, La Máquina Camaleón, and Gorillaz, Cosa Custode has carved a niche that blends Synthpop, Synthwave, and Indietronica. The result is a pulsating sound that generates feelings of happiness and energy. This fusion of styles and influences encapsulates the spirit of Cosa Custode's music, capturing the vibrant crossroads of culture and creativity. Listen below.


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