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Conrad Jon - "Big Bad Wolf"

Allow me to introduce you to the electrifying artist, Conrad Jon, whose debut track "Big Bad Wolf" is making waves in the world of hip-hop. This dynamic artist hails from the vibrant music scene of Los Angeles but carries the heart and soul of Indiana in his sound.

"Big Bad Wolf" is not just another hip-hop track; it's a statement. With influences spanning conscious hip-hop and alternative hip-hop, Conrad Jon's music hits you like a sonic freight train. The boom bap beats lay the foundation for a lyrical journey that's both thought-provoking and electrifying.

Conrad Jon's EP, released today, is a testament to his creative prowess. It's an all-in-house production, where he not only brings his lyrical skills but also engineers the sound. This hands-on approach adds a layer of authenticity to his music, making it resonate even deeper with his listeners.

The mood of "Big Bad Wolf" is nothing short of intense. It's energetic, epic, and carries an aggressive edge that keeps you on the edge of your seat. If you're a fan of artists like Freddie Gibbs, Mac Miller, JPEGMAFIA, Tyler, The Creator, or Isaiah Rashad, Conrad Jon's music is bound to strike a chord with you.

So, if you're craving music that's not just a beat but a statement, dive into the world of Conrad Jon. Based in the City of Angels but with the spirit of the heartland, his music is a testament to the evolving landscape of hip-hop, and "Big Bad Wolf" is just the beginning of what promises to be an exciting journey. Listen now.


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