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Connie Lansberg - "Alone with Bees"

Introducing "Alone with Bees" by Connie Lansberg, a Jazz Fusion song that transcends the boundaries of music to offer healing and transformation. As a transformational musician and author, Connie Lansberg uses her craft to infuse and dislodge energy into and out of the soul blueprint, aiming to heal forgotten trauma and restore the flow of Vital Source Energy. The musician, based in Melbourne, Australia, is not only a singer/songwriter and jazz artist but also a published author which is cool to know. Her approach to music and storytelling is deeply rooted in the belief that artists can create to heal others. We think the musicians songs and books are designed to engage the conscious mind while allowing the unconscious mind to either let go or receive what it needs, akin to oil for the soul. "Alone with Bees" is a reflection of Connie's unique artistic journey. With five albums of standards and originals under her belt, she is drawn to stories that reflect our triumphs, tragedies, loves, and losses. Her music brims with elegantly expressive melodies and poetic lyrics, often evoking the styles of Blossom Dearie, Madeleine Peyroux, and Carol King. This song is part of the album "Tsera's G," which accompanies her first novel, "The Perfect Tear." The album is an infectious and lilting collection of songs performed by some of Melbourne’s leading musicians. Connie’s songs are 4-minute soliloquies that sum up the complex emotions of falling in or out of love we think here, accompanied by talented musicians. Listen now and see what we mean for yourseld and relax.


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