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Conflict at Serenity Pools - "good pedestrian"

Introducing Conflict at Serenity Pools or CASP for short is from Venice Beach California and resides in Los Angeles, with a few collaborators elsewhere. They've been described as playful, difficult to pigeonhole, eclectic, and risk-taking. They strive to make music that mixes feelings and genres and pulls you in different directions, with the goal of creating something novel but also familiar. Following the release of their newest single "good pedestrian", they project a dreamy sound that will certainly intrigue your ears. Beginning with soothing instrumentation leading onto their sweet and catchy vocal they complete the song fully. Explaining the track a bit further it's about how often anxiety, both personal and situational, arises, and the lyrics are meant to be a positive, self-soothing reaffirmation, within the context of a city where there are many problems: cost of living, people running stop signs, unchecked gentrification and development: if you've visited anytime recently, LA has become a place of extremes. Sometimes it's hard not to feel like you're complacent or complicit in it. And so good pedestrian is sort of a reminder, that even just waving to a car to cross, going the speed limit, being sweet, these are things to try to remember and hold onto, even if they're relatively small and simple. Sometimes small dreams and deeds get you through the day and can make a difference. Surely we all need that sometimes. Even a nod or a hey can be huge. To the vocals and production, this single will definitely have you vibing and singing along to the lyrics. Being just perfect for a drive during sunset or a day out on the beach. Go stream "good pedestrian".


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