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Coming Up Roses - "Utopia Reimagined: These Corners"

Coming Up Roses is an alternative rock band originally from Singapore but currently based in London. Their sound is a unique blend of shoegaze, indie rock, and alternative rock. Led by singer-bassist Emily Sera, the band has gained a reputation for their dynamic live performances and heartfelt lyrical themes. They have played at festivals such as Canadian Music Week, Fred Perry Subculture, and The Alex Blake Charlie Sessions, and have toured in Taiwan and Indonesia.

Their move to London was inspired by the origins of shoegaze in the UK. Bands like My Bloody Valentine, Cocteau Twins, Slowdive, and Ride were a major influence on their sound. Frontwoman Emily Sera even wrote a dissertation based on the shoegaze scene. Despite their move, the band still holds Singapore close to their hearts and recently worked with the Singapore organization, The Foundation For The Arts and Social Enterprise, to release a track titled "Utopia Reimagined: These Corners." The track was recorded in a studio owned by Andy Savours, who worked on My Bloody Valentine's "Loveless," and was mixed by Grammy award-winning engineer Caesar Edmunds.

The band's sound is not a traditional shoegaze sound but rather a unique interpretation of the elements of shoegaze and dream pop, combined with their own interpretation of rock music in Singapore. Coming Up Roses describes their sound as an "eclectic mix" or "Rojak," a term that means an eclectic mix in colloquial Malay.


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